Digital Citizenship

Becoming a Digital Citizen of Guap City is an opportunity to share in a sustainable community and ecosystem from anywhere in the world. 

**You must go through our whitelisting process in order to take advantage of this opportunity.** 

  • 1

    Learn the Digital City Framework

    The framework and tools to start your own Digital City Hub anywhere in the world.

  • 2

    Funding Opportunities

    Access and coaching for funding ( crowd, grants,etc ) to support and grow your Digital City Hub.

  • 3


    Access to a global community of people interested in living in harmony with our planet

  • 4

    Metaverse & IRL

    Visit Guap City and witness this vision IRL & in the Metaverse ( 2023 )

  • 5


    Invest and earn opportunities ( agro-tech )

Buidling the framework for decentralized, sustainable, equitable, carbon-free living that can be utilized by any organization of people globally.

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